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At DoorDash we are committed to delivering good to and building local communities. That’s why we have partnered with Touch Footy, because we know the benefits that Touch delivers for Australians from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young girl turning up for her first game, a loyal referee or an ageing tragic. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the friendships, connections, fitness and enjoyment. It’s about supporting local, working together and inspiring progress.

We want to ensure that this can continue and grow.

It is with great pleasure that we invite TFA affiliated Touch Football associations to apply for local partnership support through the Footy Cash From DoorDash Grants Program.

The Footy Cash From DoorDash initiative has been established to provide support to touch football associations through localised partnerships (sponsorships) with DoorDash and/or DoorDash appointed local vendors/businesses.

Affiliates can apply for up to $25,000 in sponsorship to assist with programs and equipment.

We got our start through local Touch Footy competitions and know the impact firsthand the sport can make! We look forward to the applications and who knows maybe visiting your competition soon!

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Ryan Papenhuyzen

Melbourne Storm

Ali Brigginshaw

Brisbane Broncos


These guidelines set out the requirements for the Footy Cash From DoorDash Grants Programme. The Footy Cash From DoorDash Grants Programme (FCFD) is a joint initiative between Touch Football Australia (TFA) and DoorDash Australia, both parties are responsible for administering the program.

The program was established in 2022 sourced from the generosity of DoorDash Australia.


The objective of the FCFD Grants Programme is to provide support in the form of localised partnerships to TFA affiliated Touch Football associations to further develop the programs and services they provide within the community.

Delivering good to and building stronger communities are central operating principles of DoorDash who are passionate about creating positive change.

The program aligns with the 2021-24 TFA Strategic Plan, specifically:

  • Enhancing the experience for participants, and:
  • Growing the Sport

The intention of the FCFD Grants Programme is to support the achievement of these principles and strategic targets through localised partnerships and collaborations between DoorDash, Local DoorDash vendors, TFA and Touch Football affiliates.


The following dates apply to this round/program:

Applications Open: 8 March 2023
Applications Close: 1 June 2023 – applications must be submitted online before 5pm AEDST.
Applications Reviewed: 2 – 30 June 2023
Assessment: 1-31 July 2023
Applications Notified: From 1 August 2023
Agreements Offered: From 14th August 2023
Localised Activations: September – December 2023


The total partnership pool available for 2023 is $100,000 (+GST) thanks to DoorDash.


Eligible applicants can apply for partnership amounts ranging from $1,000 up to a maximum of $25,000.


Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the FCFD Grants Programme, applicants must be:

  • Affiliated touch football competitions of Touch Football Australia (DoorDash NRL Touch Football)
  • Fully financial with Touch Football Australia
  • Fully compliant and actively using the MySideline competition management system
  • Willing and able to enter into a legally binding partnership with DoorDash and/or their appointed local vendor and have no conflicting partners.

Who is ineligible?

The following are ineligible to apply for the FCFD Grants Programme:

  • Non touch football sporting organisations/competitions
  • Unaffiliated touch football competitions/associations
  • State touch football associations and regional entities. (For clarity, individual affiliates in regional areas are eligible)
  • Individual participants and/or volunteers
  • Any affiliated touch football association that is un-financial as of the closing date of the applications.
  • Any affiliated touch football association that is not using MySideline
  • Any affiliated touch football association that is inactive (has not run for more than 12 consecutive months). Applications will be considered from associations forced into extended inactivity as a result COVID-19 and who intend to become active.
  • Any affiliated touch football association that has an existing partnership with a direct competitor of DoorDash (i.e., Menulog, Deliveroo, Uber Eats)

Applicant location

Applicants must be located within Australia.


If you are successful, FCFD funds can be used to cover costs associated with the following:

Eligible Items Examples
Equipment necessary to conduct Touch Football competitions Balls, cones, training aids, whistles, line markers, defibrillators.
Equipment to improve the presentation of competition delivery Field Number Signs, Scoreboards, branded table cloths, marquees.
Uniforms Club / Rep Team Uniforms, DoorDash NRL Touch Football Referee Uniforms
Infrastructure Projects Clubroom and/or field upgrades / works projects
Education / Accreditation Financial support to accredit volunteers (i.e. education courses and associated travel costs)


Partnership funds cannot be used for any of the following:

Ineligible Items Examples
Completed Projects Any projects or items already completed /purchased as of the time of funding opening
Operating Costs Field / venue hire, utilities, HR costs including referee payments, affiliation or insurance costs.
Website or Competition Management Programs Development and/or purchase of any website or competition management software
Prizes Trophies, prizes or any form of cash payments
Non-Endorsed Programs Any non-endorsed event, unaffiliated competition or non-endorsed program


Carefully read these guidelines to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria.

Submitting an application can be achieved in a few simple steps.

  • Visit www.doordashfootycash.com
  • Click on the apply now button to complete the online application form in full prior to the closing time of the program. Any late or incomplete applications may not be assessed.
  • Make sure to attach any supporting documentation to support your application

Stand out from the crowd

Whilst not mandatory and part of the formal assessment criteria, we’d love applicants to upload a short and engaging video that outlines your case regarding your application to your official affiliate/club social media accounts. Make sure to tag Touch Football Australia in your post and we’ll share it, making your application stand out from the crowd!


All applicants will receive a bonus promotional offer from DoorDash upon completion of your submission.


If you need any assistance with your application process, please contact TFA via [email protected]


Eligibility Screening

TFA conducts a preliminary assessment of all applications ensuring that:

  • The applicant is eligible to apply, and
  • The application has been completed in full and all essential information has been provided

Ineligible, late or incomplete applications will not be considered and/or proceed to future screening.
Assessment Panel

An assessment panel consisting of DoorDash Australia and TFA senior management staff (or their appointed representatives) will consider all eligible applications.

Assessment Principles

Where an application is deemed eligible, the assessment panel will assess each application against the following principles:

  • Demonstrated alignment to DoorDash and TFA Strategic Objectives:
    • Delivering good to communities
    • Building stronger communities
    • Enhancing the experience
    • Growing the sport
  • The merit of the proposal and the demonstrated impact(s) it may create
  • The partnership assets available to DoorDash
  • The geographical location of the application

It is anticipated that the number of eligible applications will exceed the partnerships available and therefore DoorDash or TFA does not guarantee any applications will be successful nor that successful applications may receive the amount of funding requested or expected.


Once the assessment is complete, the panel will provide recommendations to the TFA Chief Executive Officer and appointed DoorDash Manager for consideration and final approval.


All applicants will be notified in writing from TFA on the outcome of their application.


Partnership Agreement

Successful applicants (local partners) will be sent a partnership offer (agreement) detailing the terms and conditions of the local partnership / funding support.

Local partners will have at least 14 days, from the date of the offer to acknowledge and accept the terms of the agreement. The offer may lapse if the parties do not execute the partnership within the specified timeframe.

Approval is based on information provided within the application. Any changes to details may be reviewed to consider any potential impacts.

The partnership period and any assets required will be specified in the partnership offer / agreement.


Payment will be made in accordance with the terms outlined in the partnership offer.

Local partners acknowledge that activations and media commitments may occur as a result of successful applications. Details of which will be addressed in the partnership offer or via separate communication from DoorDash or TFA.

Monitoring and Compliance

Local partners are required to:

  • Use the partnership support for the purpose(s) outlined in the partnership offer / application
  • Comply with the deliverables of the local partnership agreement including but not limited to; any DoorDash branding, advertising, recognition or other requirements and reporting on any activities conducted. Failure to comply may result in any funding being withheld, suppressed or required to be returned in full or part thereof.
  • Contact TFA immediately when becoming aware of any issue and/or breach of the terms and conditions of a partnership offer


DoorDash and TFA understand that unexpected events may disrupt and/or delay delivery of programs and/or partnership deliverables. In these circumstances, local partners are encouraged to contact TFA to work through suitable alternatives and/or solutions.

TFA and DoorDash do reserve the right to approve or decline the request however.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

It is recommended that applicants seek independent legal and financial advice to determine all taxation obligations before submitting an application.

Please note that if your organisation’s annual turnover is greater than $150,000 (non-profit organisations) then you are required by the Australian Taxation Office to be registered for GST (source: www.ato.gov.au).

Successful applicants which are registered for GST will have the Partnership grossed up by 10% to offset GST payable on the partnership.

Organisations that are not registered for the GST will not have the partnership grossed up. Partners cannot have the Partnership Agreement transferred to another body on the basis of GST registration.

Confidential Information

DoorDash and TFA will treat all information provided by applicants as confidential and
sensitive. By applying, applicants agree that information may be disclosed to the following:

  • DoorDash employees and/or appointed agencies to manage the program
  • TFA employees
  • Media, local vendors and/or suppliers to promote and/or manage the program

DoorDash and/or TFA may also disclose confidential information if:

  • Required or authorised by law,
  • The applicant agreed to the information being disclosed, or:
  • Someone other than DoorDash or TFA has made the confidential information public.


These guidelines were accurate at the time of publishing and supersede any or all other terms or advice previously provided.

Enquiries and Feedback

For further information or clarification please contact TFA via [email protected] addressing the email as Footy Cash From DoorDash Enquiry.

A member of the TFA team will respond to your enquiry and direct you to the appropriate area and/or person for assistance.